Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Suggestion written to Prime Minister of India for saving Black Money from Swiss Banks

To save Black Money from Swiss Banks, I have a simple suggestion. 

Some people say that it is Rs. 70 Lakhs crores of Indian Money. 

My suggestion: Let Swiss Banks - give that amount as loan to Indian Govt. Treasury - at least one lac crore per month - for a nominal rate of interest - so that - 70 Lac crores will come back to India in next 70 months...
This suggestion, Govt. of India can implement with the help of 'World Bank' then the entire money will come back to Indian Govvt.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Suggestion sent to Minister for Environment, India

Suggestion sent to Minister for Environment, India

Dear Sir,
I came to know Ministry of Environment and Forests (MOEF) is doing wonderful in improving forests and environments against Global Warming.  I request MOEF to recommend Govt of India to give "tree planting and growing" as an unemployment work to landless labourer as an incentive work.  MOEF can give initially 10 saplings to plant near their home water daily to grow.  For this, a monthly stipend of Rs.300/- can be given to protect and grow trees.  If they grow nicely, monthly MOEF can add one more tree to them and add Rs.30/- for every tree sapling they grow successfully.  In this way, we can make very good social forestry scheme.  I am working in software industry.  People like me also willing to volunteer for "tree planting" program.  MOEF can conduct "Sunday Tree Planting" programs in near forests and can take volunteers like me to do "tree planting".  Let us make "India to grow more trees" .  Jai Hind

Tree Planting League 20-20 – (TPL 20-20)

The main idea of - Tree Planting League 20-20 (TPL 20-20) is to plant 20 crores trees before the year 2020. 
(This is a 20-20 Match against Global Warming and Desertification of the India by man’s greediness…)
We have to finish this  tree planting match as soon as possible by assembling all citizens of India calling all schools, colleges and other institutions of India. 
This program, if done, will make great growth to Ministry of Environment and Forests. 
This idea will save Mother India - Mother Earth from Global Warming and great publicity to India in the World Environment. 
The trees can be planted at School / College campuses, where student can pour water daily, at factories and office campuses where employees can pour water daily, at all temples, churches and mosques where all devotees will pour water daily, all houses of Ministers, Chief Ministers, and at Prime Minister and President of India houses, where all ministers, Chief Ministers, Prime Minister and President of India can pour at least one litre of water for at least one tree daily. 
Let us call all citizens of India including celebrities like Cricket Players, Cine artists (Actors / Actresses / other Cinema artists) to participate in mass tree planting to save Mother India and Mother Earth.
I love India.  Our Tree Planting Team planted more than 2000 trees in the past. 
If you are patriotic, please salute Mother India by planting a tree and watering a tree daily.  Especially please request all Environment Ministry employees including Environment Minister, forest range officers, Forest Research Institute scientists to plant at least one tree by their hand. 
When we got our Freedom, our forest area is 33% where now the forest area is only 11% (that too in records and statistics… If the deforestation continues with same rate, the Ganges and other rivers of India will dry soon… India will become more Desertified…
If Mahatma Gandhi lived today, he will be doing "Tree Planting" only than threading cotton in Chakkar... Jai Hind !!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

To encash Solar Energy and to save Mother Earth

This suggestion sent to NASA and submitted in the following link:


Comparing NASA Scientists and NASA activities, I am a comman man having a small dream to save Mother Earth from Global Warming and at the same time to encash the Solar Energy to grow NASA and other scientific activities for the welfare of humanity and Mother Earth

My idea is very simple. We need to plant more trees in next 100 years to make one trillion USD by growing trees and preserving Solar Energy.

We need to convert all deserts into forests. We need to convert Sahara Desert into Sahara Forest by planting more trees.

NASA has to purchase all waste lands in the world to convert them into forest in next 20 years very aggressively to make Mother Earth with lot of new beautiful forests.

By doing continuous tree planting for next 100 years, NASA can earn One Trillion USD in a span of 100 years.

That can be used for growing NASA in next 100 years.

For this, NASA has to purchase all waste lands from the world, and should convert them by planting tree saplings.

For example, in Sahara, NASA can create Water desalination plant near sea shores so that the world can have more trees and pour the water through drip irrigation to tree saplings. This will make NASA as more rich organisation to save Mother Earth from all unexpected bad elements