Tuesday, October 5, 2010

To encash Solar Energy and to save Mother Earth

This suggestion sent to NASA and submitted in the following link:


Comparing NASA Scientists and NASA activities, I am a comman man having a small dream to save Mother Earth from Global Warming and at the same time to encash the Solar Energy to grow NASA and other scientific activities for the welfare of humanity and Mother Earth

My idea is very simple. We need to plant more trees in next 100 years to make one trillion USD by growing trees and preserving Solar Energy.

We need to convert all deserts into forests. We need to convert Sahara Desert into Sahara Forest by planting more trees.

NASA has to purchase all waste lands in the world to convert them into forest in next 20 years very aggressively to make Mother Earth with lot of new beautiful forests.

By doing continuous tree planting for next 100 years, NASA can earn One Trillion USD in a span of 100 years.

That can be used for growing NASA in next 100 years.

For this, NASA has to purchase all waste lands from the world, and should convert them by planting tree saplings.

For example, in Sahara, NASA can create Water desalination plant near sea shores so that the world can have more trees and pour the water through drip irrigation to tree saplings. This will make NASA as more rich organisation to save Mother Earth from all unexpected bad elements

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